Halfpenny Bridge Paintings

A collection of prints of the Halfpenny Bridge and Liffey, Dublin by Irish artist Chris McMorrow

An assortment of paintings I have completed of the iconic Halfpenny Bridge, or Ha'penny Bridge, as it is known locally. It was constructed in 1816 and derives it's name form the halfpenny toll that Dublin pedestrians were once charged for crossing it. Most of my compositions are either looking from the northside or the southside of the River Liffey. Because the bridge has such a wide span it makes it difficult to make a good composition from a head on view as there would be so much sky and river, above and below, so I tend to avoid that viewpoint. The Ha'penny Bridge is probably the image most synonymous in representing Dublin city and is a favourite spot for tourists for holiday selfies and snaps and is probably the most popular and sought after print.