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  • A  painting of people outside Kehoes Pub on South Anne street , Dublin

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Shop For Prints by Collections

Painting Slices of Dublin city life

"I guess the core of what I try to capture in my paintings is to portray the light and its effects on the landscape or cityscape and places we see around us, be they real or artificial. I draw inspiration from my native city, Dublin, Ireland, and have always been drawn to painting the pubs, bars and cafes, the wet streets, with couples linking arm in arm or lovers under umbrellas dodging the rain ..... and certainly with my Dublin street scenes I attempt to create a dynamic, contrasting the warm oranges and yellow colours of the doorways and windows with the cool blue and mauve rainy streets outside, such that the viewer might be tempted inside …. be it for a coffee or a pint or a browse ..... it’s a kind of nostalgic, romantic look at Dublin and other places, drawn from the memories I have of knocking off work in town at half on a rainy evening and maybe slipping in to a pub for a sneaky pint before getting the bus home for dinner and my mother’s cooking …….. and sometimes running with my umbrella for the last bus !!"

Chris McMorrow - Artist