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Cork Prints

Prints | Paintings of Cork city and county by Irish artist Chris Mc Morrow

Some paintings of the wonderful city of Cork, portraying it's lively and bustling streets, crowded with shoppers and people going about their business, in an evening time setting, bright lights casting reflections and shadows on the streets and umbrellas; the lovely town and harbour of Kinsale features a lot as there is a gallery on the Main Street that stocks some of my paintings and the town and surrounding landscape have lots of views that cry out to be painted.

Looking for a personalised gift for a special occasion or someone close to you?

Take a look at these lovely limited edition prints of Cork city and county! Whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, wedding, engagement, congratulations, or just a way to say thank you or remember a special holiday or weekend spent in the Republic of Cork, these prints are a great choice. One of their standout features is their ability to capture moments and places that hold a special significance in a person's life. A print featuring this vibrant and popular city (the second largest in Ireland) is sure to evoke a flood of cherished memories and emotions, recalling the times spent enjoying the cuisine at the many restaurants, relaxing in the lively pubs and coffee shops, perhaps even visiting the famous English Market. Additionally, each print can be personalised with a special message, making it an even more thoughtful and meaningful gift. Don't forget to leave a comment in the contact seller box when placing your order. With plenty of positive reviews from satisfied customers, you can see their impact, and be confident that these limited edition prints will be treasured by their recipients for lots of years to come.

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