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Summer in the Green, Dublin - 101

Limited Edition Print

  • €95.00 (Incl. VAT)

St. Stephen's Green as the last vestiges of Summer fade away and Autumn starts to pluck the leaves from the trees and the grassy green carpet retreats into hibernation. A beautiful time to sit and watch the ducks and seagulls and their antics whilst snuggled up warm, cosy and jacketted on a park bench.

Sometimes my interest is piqued and I like to research some of my painting subjects, especially Dublin street scenes and pubs and bars and am often amazed at some of the snippets of curious information I come across. Follow this link to read one or two about St. Stephen's Green ...

This painting is available as a Limited Edition run of 200 prints using Epson Archival inks on supreme quality Hahnemuhle Traditional Fine Art paper. See dropdown menu above to see size, price and framing options.