Beyond the Painting – St. Stephen's Green, Dublin

St Stephens Green painting

  • There is a fountain inside Stephen's Green park, designed by Joesph Wackerle, that was donated as thanks from the people of Germany for Operation Shamrock. Operation Shamrock was an initiative run by the Irish Red Cross that saw around five hundred children from Europe (mostly German) taken to Ireland in the aftermath of World War II.
  • During the 1916 Rising around two hundred and fifty soldiers under the command of Michael Mallin and Constance Markievicz set up a perimeter in and around Stephen's Green where they were shot at by British soldiers from the Shelbourne Hotel and other buildings. During the battle fire was halted for a few minutes to allow the groundskeepers to feed the local ducks!
  • Stephen's Green was originally nothing more than a marshy field on the edge of Dublin used for grazing animals until 1663 when the Dublin Corporation decided to build a wall around the centre of the land and sell it.

  • Arthur Edward Guinness the great – grandson of Arthur Guinness was responsible for re-opening Stephen's Green to the public in 1877. It was only accessible by local residents before that.