Beyond the Painting - The G.P.O. and Nelson's Pillar

Painting of the GPO and Nelsons Pillar on O'Connell Street, Dublin

  • Liam Sutcliffe, the man who blew up Nelsons Pillar, disarmed his first bomb attempt with a nail clippers he bought at Clery’s which was just across from it !
  • Nelson's Pillar was once a prominent landmark in Dublin, standing at a height of 121 feet on O'Connell Street. A penny would allow you to go to the top for a bird's eye view of Dublin city. The pillar was put up in 1808 in honour of Admiral Horatio Nelson, who was famous for his victories in the Napoleonic Wars. However, the pillar was controversial due to its association with British rule in Ireland. In 1966, the pillar was destroyed by a bomb planted by the IRA, causing a lot of controversy.