Beyond the Painting – Howth, Co Dublin

The Baily Lighthouse, Howth, Co Dublin

  • Howth was invaded by Viking raiders in the year 819 and was captured by the Normans in the year 1177.
  • After their defeat at the Battle of Clontarf a large part of the Norse army fled to Howth.
  • The Pirate Queen of Ireland Grainne O’ Malley tried to visit Howth Castle however she was rejected by the Earl of Howth and responded by kidnapping the Earls grandson. She returned him with the promise that the gates of Howth Castle and its park would be open to the public and that no guest could be turned away from the castle.
  • A large amount of the guns used against the British in the 1916 Rising came in to Howth Harbour on a ship named the Asgard that docked at Howth.
  • There is a bog near Howth known as the “Bog of Frogs”.
  • The tower that looks over the harbour dates from the 19th century. It is known as a Martello tower and was used by the British to defend the coast. 
  • The famous Irish poet William Butler Yeats lived in Howth for a time.