Interview about art in Celtic Life International magazine

Wow, it's such an honour to have been featured in Celtic Life International magazine and to have one of my paintings chosen for the cover! This magazine celebrates the rich culture and heritage of the seven Celtic nations, including Ireland, which makes it even more special to me as an Irish artist.

In the interview, I talk about my love for art that began when I was a child and how I went on to develop my skills through art classes and selling my paintings and prints. I also talked about my admiration for the Impressionist movement and how that has influenced my own style over time. It's amazing to see how my love for painting has evolved into a career where I can touch people's emotions through my work.

One of my paintings, A Grafton Street Moment, was chosen for the cover of the magazine. It's a painting that captures the lively and bustling energy of Dublin's famous shopping district. They also featured several more of my prints on other pages. I feel proud that my painting was picked to represent this issue of the magazine.

It was great to have this opportunity to share my story and artwork with others. Nice to know that the power of creativity can inspire and bring joy to people's lives.


inside page interview with chris mcmorrow, celtic life magazine