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The Busker at Merchants Arch 479


Busking is  a long tradition in Dublin and this spot under the Merchants Arch in Temple Bar, just beside the Halfpenny Bridge,  is a coveted one because of the acoustics and probably more importantly keeping dry ! A code of practice that each busker must have a repetoire of at least 20 songs came into being recently - apparently there had been complaints ! In this scene the girl is serenading the couple under the umbrella ..... i guess singing for her supper :-)

This painting is available as a Limited Edition Print  using Epson Archival inks on supreme quality Hahnemuhle Traditional Fine Art paper.


Capturing the Light. Art Gallery of Irish artist Chris Mc Morrow with colourful paintings and prints of street scenes and pubs of Dublin, Cork and Limerick , and landscapes of Ireland , Italy and France.

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