The Gravediggers Pub, Glasnevin - 737

Limited Edition Print

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A painting of the Gravediggers Pub, Prospect Square, Dublin. A wonderful old style atmospheric traditional Irish pub with lots of wooden partitions and nooks and crannies, old weather beaten wooden floors, and has featured in many films and advertisements over the years. Indeed it is a favourite for interior subjects for both artists and photographers. It has been in the Kavanagh family for six generations since Victorian times in 1833. The pub has never changed hands but been passed down to each generation.

The Gravediggers name is pretty self-explanatory as it is built into the wall of Glasnevin Cemetery where after working long shifts the gravediggers would come to drink.

The Gravediggers is a pub for drinking and nothing more. When Luke Kelly of the Dubliners died in 1984, he was to be buried at Glasnevin Cemetery. The rest of the Dubliners folk band along with the Chieftains and U2 poured into the Gravediggers along with their instruments. Ciaran Kavanagh, the current owner, and who was working in the bar at the time then aged fourteen, remembers his dad Eugene saying “We don’t allow it” as music wasn’t played in the Gravediggers. “It’s just a place to drink, it’s always been about drinking “ Ciaran said.

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