Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin - 960

Limited Edition Print

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A print from an original watercolour painting.

The original Christchurch was founded in 1030 AD by the Hiberno-Norse King Sitric. The wooden Viking structure was destroyed during the Norman invasion by Strongbow, King Richard de Clare, and the stone cathedral commenced around 1171. Strongbow’s tomb is inside the church walls, and just beyond the entrance his effigy may be seen.

Among the many interesting and intriguing curios in the cathedral are the mummified remains of a cat and rat. According to church legend, the cat chased the rat into a organ pipe and both became stuck. The writer James Joyce used the story in Finnegan’s Wake when he described someone as being “…As stuck as that cat to that mouse in that tube of that Christchurch organ…”

The cat can be seen chasing the rat in perpetuity under glass in the crypt of the church.

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