Under the Clock Documentary Interview with Totally Dublin

Photo of artist Chris McMorrow standing beside a print of one of his paintings of Clerys Clock, Dublin
An interview I did with Jack O'Higgins of Totally Dublin magazine as part of the promotional drive for the newly released documentary called Under the Clock by Colm Nicell and his colleagues at Snackbox Films . Yours truly has a small contribution in the film with some footage of my work and studio. 
This wonderfully poignant documentary film tells many tales about courting life in Dublin (among many other things!) from the 1960's to the 1990's - wonderful stories told by a mix of people, great characters, reminiscing about a Dublin that seems like a bygone era though in fact it has not even been a generation hence!
Couples that met under the clock and eventually married, romances that blossomed, loved ones that are gone but never forgotten, dances with strangers, dreams of eloping, difficult and unusual marriages, women in the workforce  and all manner of Dublin life. Heartbreak and laughter. It's all there and more.
A time before mobile phones,Tinder and the Internet.
This engrossing film evokes many nostalgic moments, some sad, some happy, all linked by threads that lead back to the iconic Clery's Clock (click here to see my painting of Clery's featured in the documentary) on O'Connell Street, Dublin 
A 1970's Dublin disco used to quip that 'Love Stories begin at Zhivagos' but I think that the ones that began under Clery's Clock outdo all others.