Magazine article on my Irish landscape paintings

A magazine feature article about artist Chris McMorrow's landscape and cityscape paintings

Another blast from the past. Was featured in this magazine Ireland's Homes Interiors and Living, which is based in Northern Ireland, a few years ago. They approached me for an interview and they did a nice four page spread on my paintings with lots of high quality glossy photographs of the artwork. I felt like a rock star! Got a few commissions from the publicity and all it cost me was to put up a painting as a prize in a readers draw ! Well worth it I think :-)

It's funny looking back at work I was doing a few years ago and seeing how my painting style has changed or evolved and even how the subject matter has changed. I used to paint landscapes mostly and a lot of floral stuff - daisies and poppies being my forte.

I also used to paint a lot of watercolours but soon dropped them once I had gotten a handle on how to paint in acrylics. They had become a bit stale I think and I needed a change so I remember digging out some acrylic paints that I had lying around the house and sat down to paint a seascape and a still life in one afternoon ! I kept the still life but the seascape sold within 2 weeks and I had gotten such a buzz from trying out the new medium which allowed me to be looser and freer that I soon just painted all my paintings in acrylic.

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