Film Posters

Two film posters by artist Chris McMorrow

Photoshop is a program that I love and use all the time for processing photographs and trying out compositions and layouts and I decided to try my hand at making some film posters using it's many features. You can find tutorials online on practically everything and I soon found lots on this subject. It didn't take long to get the hang of it and mess around with some layouts.

I offered my services to to Dublin Film Makers and Snugboro Films to produce posters for advertising some of their short films. Well ... OK it helped that I was an actor in one of them.

The main cast photographs unfortunately weren't great quality to work with, just screen grabs from the actual film footage, but using Photoshop, some portrait editing software and lots and lots of layers and textures and some cool fonts, I produced these two posters which I was rather pleased with. The hardest part was the tiny film font at the bottom of the posters because I had to keep adding cast and crew and it was really awkward to do. I'm sure there must be an easier way .... will google it :-)

I even got two IMDB credits for my trouble, Poster Artist in the Art Department category. They were great fun to do and such a change from painting pictures on canvas but it's funny how you still use all the experience and nuances of being a visual artist, like composition, colour, tone, aesthetics, even with a project like this, and you still can't help but see things through a painter's eye.