Regretfully from 26th August I am obliged by Revenue to charge VAT on all products. I have absorbed some of the increase but .... read more ....

Tax Price Increase

With regret I have to charge VAT on prices of prints and paintings for sales in the EU. I have absorbed half the cost but unfortunately must pass on the other half.

Sales outside the EU are VAT exempt but due to now having to use more expensive International couriers such as Fedex to ship to the USA, Canada and Australia, etc the increase will stand to help defray this cost. 

Chris McMorrow VAT No: IE 3227515C

Limited Edition Prints

The updated prices for prints are now :

Small Framed from €85 to €95 (VAT €16.50)

Medium Framed from €135 to €150 (VAT €26)

Large Framed from €275 to €295 (VAT €51)

Small Unframed from €45 to €55 (VAT €9.50)

Medium Unframed from €85 to €95 (VAT €16.50)

Large Unframed  €195 (VAT €34)


Original Paintings

The updated prices for paintings are now :

12x10 inch canvas from €435 to €495 (VAT €59)

18x14 inch canvas from €749 to €850 (VAT €101)

20x16 inch canvas from €837 to €950 (VAT €113)

24x20 inch canvas from €925 to €1050 (VAT €125)