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Fruit, Veg & Flower Market, Dublin - 22

Limited Edition Print

  • €105.00 (Incl. VAT)

This painting of the now closed Victorian Dublin City Council fruit, vegetable and flower market in St Michan's street in Dublins’ inner city is a nostalgic representation of a once thriving market. Set in the 1980s, the painting tries to capture the bustling atmosphere. The stalls are overflowing with fresh produce, and the vendors are engaged in lively conversations with customers, bringing the energy of the market to life. With the details in the building, the clothing of the vendors and customers and the signage of the market stalls I have tried to transport the viewer back to that time. The use of light and shadow adds some depth and dimension to the painting, making it seem as though one could step right into the market and become a part of the scene. Despite being now closed, the old market holds a significant place in the history of Dublin, having been established in the 19th century as a hub providing fresh produce to the citizens of the city and serving as a gathering place for the community. The painting, I hope, captures the essence of this important piece of Dublin's history. 

This painting is available as a Limited Edition run of 200 prints using Epson Archival inks on supreme quality Hahnemuhle Traditional Fine Art paper. See dropdown menu above to see size, price and framing options. 

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